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A non exhaustive list of 393 missing references is available sorted by first author or by bibcode.

The main components of SB9 are also available as a gzipped tar ball (download here (current version:2023-12-19 16:01:33.967408634 +0100)).

The last version of the SB9 updated by Dimitri Pourbaix was in 20210302 (download here).

Reference: The correct reference to SB9 is:
"SB9: The ninth catalogue of spectroscopic binary orbits", Pourbaix D., Tokovinin A.A., Batten A.H., Fekel F.C., Hartkopf W.I., Levato H., Morrell N.I., Torres G., Udry S., 2004, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 424, 727-732. The PDF is available here. [204k bytes]

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