Personal data

Dimitri Pourbaix

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Present activity

Manager of the 9th catalogue of orbits of spectroscopic binaries (aka SB9) for the former IAU Commission 26 (now G1). President of the former IAU Commission 30 (Radial Velocities).

Gaia mission, in particular binary related problems.

Previous work

Re-processing the Hipparcos Intermediate Astrometric Data of some specific groups of stars (binaries, C stars, Oxygen-rich Mira Variables, VIM, DMSA/X, exo-planets, ...)

Public outreach

Astronomy camps for 18+ adults.

June 8th 2004, transit of Venus, live on the Web.

Series of public lectures known as 'Cours Public d'Astronomie' and public nights at the university observatory recently renovated.

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