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Starting 19 JUN 2000 19 JUN 2000
Ending 01 SEP 2000 24 NOV 2000
Description :
ISDC help desk setup
Duration :
Resources :
Marc Türler is implied for 30%
Constraints :
Cannot start before the end of UsrSupp AO_man
Long Description :
Set up an efficient ISDC help desk in collaboration with the ISOC. This comprises in particular
\textbullet Take over the responsibility of the ISDC developer help desk "isdc_help", assuring continuity albeit the departure of the current s/w team leader SP.
\textbullet Set up the community help desk in such a way that ISDC staff members receive questions as e-mails and can reply using any mailtool (no webforms). A presentation is expected to the ISDC staff likely to be involved.
\textbullet Set up corresponding FAQ web pages accessible (also) for the public. The first page should give the list of all available FAQs. The FAQ themselves should be pure ascii files. A script could then convert them to html pages. \textbullet Prepare web pages built automatically from the executable help (.txt) files.
Marc Türler