Current level ISDC/ isdc_v1/ isdc_v1 SVTC_tests
Ref.: ISDC/WPR-isdc_v1 SVTC_tests

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Starting 05 DEC 2000 21 NOV 2000
Ending 01 JAN 2001 12 DEC 2000
Description :
ISDC v1 sys_tests with SVTC data
Duration :
Resources :
Mathias Beck is implied for 20%
Constraints :
Cannot start before the end of SVTC
Long Description :
Take part in the End-to-End tests the two days following the SVTC. Rerun the ISDC v1 system tests using real SVTC testdata and write the corresponding reports.
SVTC data link
The system tested ISDC Version 1 System consisting of the appropriate documentation and the following subsystems:
Auxiliary Data Processing (ADP)
Data Receipt (DR)
Preprocessing (PP)
Data Preparation (DP)
Instrument Configuration Analysis (ICA)
Automatic Calibration Analysis (ACA)
Operation Status Monitoring (OSM)
Alert Management (AM)
Archive: Ingest, Browse, Access
Archive dB: Meta Data Access
and the corresponding pipelines
A formally accepted ISDC v1 System ready to support the Payload Calibrations (P/L Cal) and the Ground Segment Integrated Tests (GSIT) tested also with officially received test data.
Mathias Beck