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Starting 01 DEC 1998 01 DEC 1998
Ending 15 MAR 2004 15 MAR 2004
Description :
CC ongoing work
Duration :
Resources :
David Landriu is implied for 10%
Constraints :
Cannot start before the end of CC config_setup
Long Description :
Perform the day to day work on the s/w configuration library. This includes
Accepting deliveries
Building the respective s/w as a first check of its acceptability. On the basis of this check, reject the delivery or include it in the CC library, having it thus available for other peoples' use
Passing the s/w under configuration control on to the different s/w areas (RELEASE, TEST, INTEGRATION). This shall be done either on request or on the basis of predefined procedures
Improving the procedures and mechanisms linked to this task
This WP is ongoing as long as s/w is written and/or changed at ISDC.
CC environment, delivered s/w, "move requests" to other areas
Up-to-date s/w configuration in the different areas
David Landriu