Commission mission statement

  1. The aims and objectives of Commission 30 are:
    1. to promote research in the radial velocities of celestial objects

    2. to disseminate knowledge of radial-velocity research within the astronomical community

    3. to promote and support international conferences relevant to the field of radial velocities

    4. to act as a clearing house for enquiries relating to research in radial velocities

    5. from time to time to propose resolutions that define the best practice of conducting radial-velocity research, or which define technical terms used in conducting this research

    6. advising the Executive Committee of the IAU on matters relating to radial-velocity research.

  2. These aims and objectives will be achieved by the commission
    1. electing a president, vice-president and organizing committee on a triennial basis;

      and by the president, vice-president and organizing committee

    2. communicating with the members of the commission, or with other members of the IAU on issues as they arise from time to time

    3. establishing working groups of the commission to determine procedures or establish databases on any matter of relevance or concern to the commission's work

    4. from time to time issuing newsletters,

    5. writing a triennial report on the activities relating to the work of the commission

    6. holding a business meeting at each IAU General Assembly

    7. from time to time holding international conferences to discuss some aspect of radial-velocity research.

    8. liaising with the president of the IAU Division IX (Optical and infrared techniques) of which Commission 30 is a member

    9. coopting or inviting new members with relevant qualifications and experience to join the commission in accordance with the Working Rules of the IAU

  3. The scientific scope of the work of Comission 30 includes the following:
    1. stellar radial velocities

    2. radial velocities of interstellar gas clouds

    3. radial velocities of extragalactic objects

    4. radial velocities measured in the optical, radio and other spectral regions (including ultraviolet and infrared)

    5. instrumentation for the determination of radial velocities

    6. any effect which may influence the observed wavelength or profile of a spectral line

    7. the history of radial-velocity studies.

J.B. Hearnshaw
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